The  Mindfulness Advantage


A four week program designed to help you learn the core foundations of mindfulness meditation and to establish a solid personal meditation practice. Learn meditation to manage anxiety, stress and addictive behavior

Course Learning Outcomes


  • What is meditation and what are the different types

  • Learn the definition and basic concepts of contemporary mindfulness practices

  • Learn how to practice mindfulness: formal and informal practices

  • Discuss the seven attitudinal foundations of mindfulness

  • Learn about the science supporting mindfulness and its benefits,

  • Learn about neuroplasticity and the changes in brain structure after meditation

  • Learn and practice the core meditation techniques: focused attention (awareness of breath ) , open monitoring ( vipassana) and loving-kindness

  • Proper posture and setup for meditation

  • Develop or refine your own personal long-term mindfulness meditation practice


Stress has been associated directly with the development of chronic illness such as cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, obesity, anxiety and depression.Over the last couple of decades, thousands of research articles have been published establishing the efficacy of practicing mindfulness as a way of reducing stress and improving medical and psychological symptoms.


Mindfulness meditation develops inner tools that help you manage stress more effectively, relax and feel calm, cope with difficult situations and improve attention, memory and performance. It has also been scientifically proven that mindfulnes helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduces blood pressure, prevents heart disease. Mindfulness also helps improve sleep, manage obesity and eating disorders and many other addictive behaviors.

Guided by experienced instructors, the program is highly experiential and includes inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life, group dialogue and daily home assignments.







with Juan Jose Reyes MD


 Saturday September 12, 2020


    Four group classes: Saturdays 12th, 19th, 26th, and Oct 3rd


Tuition: $195

(Discounted price - regularly $250)

includes all four classes, workbook,

reading materials and daily recorded meditations.

Classes limited to 11 students only.




Sessions are held ONLINE  via ZOOM

on computer (preferred)  or smartphone)

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  • Four weekly classes

  • Weekly assignments

  • Daily home practice

  • Group discussion and support

  • Teacher guidance and support during course

  • Reading materials and workbook


Guided audio recordings are provided for daily  home practice, which is strongly recommended in order to enhance the benefits of the program.

During online classes participants will connect with the instructor and other participants via video conferencing software to allow group interaction and discussion and to better experience the Live guided meditations during class



Onsite courses are

four 90-minute weekly classes 


Fort Lauderdale

Dates coming soon

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(Classes fill up fast)

 ( includes four classes,

one half-day silent retreat with lunch, workbook, reading materials, recorded meditations and access to private FB group for group support, personal teacher guidance and support and live meditations)

Classes limited to 15 students only.

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Juan Jose Reyes M.D.

A Board Certified pediatrician currently pursuing a Masters in Integrative Medicine at George Wasington University.

He is the founder of Mindstay and the Miami Center for Mindfulness. A qualified mindfulness meditation teacher trained by the UCSD Mindfulness Professional Training Institute and by the UMass. Center for Mindfulness ( Jon Kabat-Zinn).

He has been practicing meditation since 2006 after attending a ten day Vipassana meditation retreat with the teachings of S.N. Goenka.