for Health Professionals

A 4 week program designed for professionals in the medical field who want to learn the foundations

and the science behind mindfulness

If you work directly with clients to improve their well being this course will increase the value and knowledge that you provide to your clients. Mindfulness has become increasingly popular and people want to learn it from their wellness professional.


Studies have shown that stress directly contributes to the development of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and depression. Mindfulness meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase well being. Practicing meditation enhances the mind-body connection and improves our attention, emotional regulation and communication.

Mindfulness is a way of being and in order to teach others is important to develop your own solid meditation practice and embody mindfulness. This course will guide you in the steps required to achieving both objectives.









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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Define mindfulness and review the seven attitudinals foundations of mindfulness

  • Differentiate between formal and informal mindfulness practices and other types of meditation

  • How does mindfulness work and the mechanisms of mindfulness meditation

  • Review the science supporting mindfulness and its benefits, including neuroplasticity and changes in brain structure after meditation

  • Learn and practice core meditation techniques

  • Develop and refine a personal mindfulness meditation practice (environment, posture, time etc)

  • Apply mindfulness in life and professional practice

  • The importance of daily practice

  • Introduce mindfulness meditation skills to others through direct teaching experience

                 COURSE INCLUDES
  • TOTAL OF     HRS. OF INSTRUCTION: core learning  ( ) and practical experience t ( )
  • Workbook and Selected Readings
  • Audio and Video recordings for practice
  • Access to an engaging community of wellness professionals for learning and support
  • Option to become a Mindstay meditation instructor

Gus Castellanos, M.D.

Dr. Castellanos, a retired neurologist, trained by the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness and the University of Miami Neuroscience Lab (the Jha Lab). He has extensive experience and a solid meditation practice, currently teaching at the Sari Center, and U of Miami’s UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center.

A Board Certified pediatrician currently pursuing a Masters in Integrative Medicine at George Wasington University.He is founder of Mindstay and the Miami Center for Mindfulness.

A qualified mindfulness meditation teacher trained by the UCSD Mindfulness Professional Training Institute and by the UMass. Center for Mindfulness. He has been practicing meditation since 2006.

Juan Jose Reyes M.D.


  • Working in wellness/health related field

  • Commitment to attend all sessions ( If live session is missed a recorded version  will be available afterwards)

  • Commitment to daily home practice

  • Commitment to maintain the integrity of mindfulness meditation