• Juan Reyes

The mind wanders, that's what the mind does

And every time we catch the mind wandering and bring it back to the present, we are practicing mindfulness. Meditation is like going to the gym for the brain. At any gym there are machines that help us build certain muscles and we use them to help us get in shape. What would it be like if you walked into a gym and there were no machines or weights? Just an empty space. We wouldn't be able to workout and build those muscles. When we meditate , our thoughts are like the machines at the gym, we need them in order to practice, they are part of the practice. They help us build the parts of the brain that make us respond instead of react, that make us more emotionally balanced and that help us experience our lives fully. Whenever you notice that the mind has wandered into a thought, gently and firmly, bring it back to the present. To this moment. The one that counts.